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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

GJM,B! Presents "Never Coming Home"

Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!, a concept to bring custom toys
into the realm of being more than just a paint job, is proud to present our first toy. Providing new and unique concepts in a toy medium, GJM,B! seeks to offer art toys in limited handcrafted runs while keeping toys fun.

The first GJM,B! toy is the tattoo inspired "Never Coming Home,” available now for $45 shipped within the US (international please email for more information).

“Ink stolen from a long lost sailor; this broken, broken-hearted toy
flies endlessly in circles searching and longing, yet knowing it is
never coming home.”

"Never Coming Home" is a limited edition hand-cast run of 25 toys. Measuring approximately 5.5” long, 2.5” wide, and 2” high at its head, each cast is unique with its own characteristics due to the method of casting and sculpt. Each toy is cast in blue with silver shot glitter, the pigment ranging from crystal blue to navy. Once cast, every toy has been airbrushed and painted by hand with the "broken heart" design and white accents. This limited assortment contains two randomly inserted "blue heart" birds. They are blue casts featuring red glitter and painted in chameleon and blue.

Each toy and hand-detailed header card are individually numbered and packaged.

To order email to confirm availability and paypal information.
Family Photo

Individual Close Up

The Two Blue Hearts

Sample Packaged With Header Card
Please note that GJM,B! toys are intended for adult collectors.


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